Coaching With Me: Diving into the Who, What, Where, When, Why & How

Service-based businesses can either be so transparent or incredibly vague about what they offer, am I right? As a consumer who appreciates clarity myself, I want to make my business offering as clear as possible for you! It’s the only way to do it right, in my opinion. Want to know a little more about not only what coaching is, but how it would work if you hired me as your coach? Read on for all the deets!


Hello! It’s nice to “meet” you. The “who” in this case is both you and me! You are the client, and I am your coach. Our relationship is co-collaborative. In our sessions, I ask meaningful questions, help you brainstorm, give you the freedom to think out loud, and help you craft your next step. I’ve received my certification in coaching from the Coach Training Alliance and love talking about all things confidence. To me, it really is the source of all that we think, feel, and do. I want to help women develop real self-worth and go out into the world with their heads high.


Coaching is a special experience that I think every person can benefit from. There are tons of different coaches out there, and I specialize in confidence coaching. “Is that like life coaching?” is a question I get often, and the short answer is yes. With that said, I approach my coaching by keeping confidence at the core, and help clients strengthen themselves through my 6-step process. Coaching is different from therapy in that we don’t dwell too much on the past and how you got where you are today. We acknowledge the past, but quickly focus on where you want to go and how to get you there. I currently offer one-on-one sessions and plan to develop group coaching workshops soon!


Given the “new normal” we’ve all had to adjust to because of COVID-19, all of my 1:1 sessions are currently offered remotely. I like to jump on video calls via GoogleMeet, but we can also stick to a regular phone call if clients prefers that. Hopefully eventually I can host sessions in person, but the remote option will always be available. Plus, this allows me to support clients all over the world, not just those in my immediate area.


I like to be mindful of my clients’ schedules when they agree to a package, which is why I have a few different tiers with different session options available (check out my Services page for more info). I find that meeting once a week is the most impactful frequency and keeps momentum high. There’s a heightened sense of urgency for a client to try out a session takeaway, and follow ups are still fresh by the time the next session comes around. I’m also available via text and email for my clients, since I believe that a coach’s support doesn’t simply end when a session ends!


Ah, the million dollar question. As a child of divorce, I had to deal with a lot of noise and instability – an unusual joint custody agreement with parents who didn’t get along, moving schools and making new friends, and a father who made some poor choices for himself and for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great childhood overall; I traveled the world, was happy & sociable, and always pushed myself to see the positive. But my experiences definitely made me a people pleaser who lacked direction and clarity. I went through most of my teens and 20s hoping things would just kind of…work out. It took real work and self-awareness to come to terms with it all, reconnect with myself, and move forward.

I became a Confidence Coach to support other women with finding their voice and prioritizing what they really want out of life. So many girls & women go through experiences that can really affect their self-worth, and I want to empower them to trust themselves, eliminate limiting beliefs and move forward with unshakeable confidence. “Take your broken heart and turn it into art” is a famous Carrie Fisher quote that I love, and that’s the notion that motivated me to pursue my certification.


During our weekly sessions, I dive in to ask meaningful questions that help identify and eliminate toxic cycles. I help my clients practice overwhelming self love, hone in on their intuition, and establish goals that support the life they want to create for themselves. I also provide curated worksheets for additional support and to encourage clients to actually write things down. My coaching style totally mirrors my personality, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like to have fun, keep things fresh, and be your hype woman through and through!

I hope this helps paint a real picture of what working with me is like. You can read some fabulous client feedback on my Testimonials page, and try out some free Well With Raele worksheets for yourself by clicking here!

If you’re considering working with me, I offer 45-minute consultation sessions to all potential clients so you can get a feel for what a coaching session is like and we can learn more about each other. There are amazing packages available for all schedules and budgets, with payment plans and additional incentives included. If you’re interested in working with me, please click here to fill out a quick inquiry form and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I look forward to hearing from you!

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