Hi! I’m Raele (pronounced “Ra-yell”), CTA-Certified Confidence Coach for Women & Moms, and it is great to connect with you. I help women cut through the BS and get deeply aligned with their goals & themselves. I’m that objective best friend and cheerleader, making sure my clients feel supported, heard, and empowered to push themselves forward.

Why I Became a Coach

Having grown up as the only child of divorced, immigrant parents, I remember feeling isolated and embarrassed about my situation. Instability was my constant since I’d live with each parent on weekly rotations and my home would change every week. It was easy to feel lost and distracted by all the noise around me. I tried to overcompensate for my parents’ decisions and household turmoil in other ways. Though I was outwardly confident, active, and extroverted, negative coping mechanisms such as people-pleasing, self-doubt, avoiding conflict, and general lack of direction also manifested. I could have deeply benefitted from more guidance and the reassurance that I didn’t have to deal with things alone.

It took me several years and a lot of self-awareness to heal from these experiences. I taught myself to observe my patterns of thinking, trust my instincts, and love myself enough to know what I deserve and how to go after it. I want to pass my learnings onto my clients and help them feel supported and aligned with who they truly are. I’m here to help them build confidence and establish goals and action plans to elevate them to the next level, while keeping them accountable along the way. Connecting with others has always come naturally to me, and this profession couldn’t align better with my life experiences and personality.

More About Me & My Journey

I obtained my coaching certification from the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) in January 2021 through a 6-month program that is accredited with the International Coaching Federation. I have a B.B.A. in Advertising and Promotion from Pace University, am 1st generation Armenian American, and live in New York City with my husband and newborn son! I’m also a huge music nerd and love talking about anything and everything music & pop culture.

Check out the Services page for more information on my coaching process and memberships. You can also learn more about booking a 45-minute consultation session with me as well. I hope to connect with you soon!