Hi! I’m Raele (pronounced “Ra-yel”) and it is great to connect with you. I’m a Certified Communication Coach and, as you probably already know, the Founder of Well With Raele! I help my clients become amazing communicators who socialize and articulate with kindness, class and confidence, while supporting them in their journey of personal development.

Why I Became a Coach

Growing up, I was the only child of divorced, immigrant parents with not much family close byand no siblings to mingle with. So I mingled and connected with everyone around me instead, from friends at school, to peers in after-school activities, and everyone in between. I was (and still am!) a social butterfly with groups of friends in various circles, and could strike up a conversation with anyone.

I also had to think swiftly and communicate well in order to navigate the sometimes volatile waters between my parents and the custody arrangement they had in place. I like to think that your hardships can lead to your biggest opportunities, and that’s exactly why my journey has led me here. My life’s circumstances allowed me to understand how to mingle with anyone, speak well, advocate for myself, and build some pretty thick skin.

To be totally honest, I never thought this was an asset until I started to see how many people struggled with the exact thing that seemed like second nature to me. Today’s digital world, a world where we are so connected yet can also be so isolated, makes it hard to know what to say or how to say it.

I’m here to help clients shift that mentality. I provide them with solid communication tools depending on the goals they’re looking to accomplish, and work with them to advocate for themselves and articulate in powerful ways. I help them build inner confidence as they navigate through their journey of personal development, and become master communicators no matter where they are or who they’re talking to.

More About Me & My Journey

I obtained my coaching certification from the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) in January 2021 through a comprehensive program that is accredited with the International Coaching Federation, which I am also a proud member of. I have a B.B.A. in Advertising and Promotion from Pace University, am 1st generation Armenian American, and live just outside of NYC with my husband and 2-year old son! I’m also a huge music nerd and love talking about anything and everything music & pop culture.


Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance

2023-2025 Recertification, Coach Training Alliance

Social Psychology, Wesleyan University (via Coursera)

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