Hi! I’m Raele (pronounced “Ra-yell”) and I’m glad you are here. I’m a Certified Confidence Coach who helps women develop self-worth, overcome limiting beliefs, and crush their goals with confidence. I help my clients practice self-love and create healthy habits so they can start living the life they know they are meant for.

Why I Became a Coach

As a child and teenager, I grew up with divorced parents and a challenging joint custody dynamic. I remember feeling isolation and awkwardness about my situation and tried to overcompensate in other ways. Instability was constant since my home would change every week, and my parents would often tell me conflicting stories or offer inconsistent advice. Because of that, I began to second-guess much of my decisions and didn’t trust my own thoughts. I would put myself last while trying to please everyone else, which led to a lack of sense of self. It took me several years to understand myself and overcome these unhealthy habits. I taught myself to observe my patterns of thinking, trust my instincts, and stop tolerating behavior that I didn’t deserve. Discovering that loving myself was the root of everything changed my perspective and my outlook on life.

I’m here to help women break similar toxic cycles and cultivate real self-esteem to push themselves forward in life. I serve as an objective thinking partner while keeping my clients accountable as they develop healthy habits and pursue their ambitions. Connecting with others has always come naturally to me, and this profession couldn’t align better with my life experiences and personality.

More About Me & My Journey

I obtained my coaching certification from the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) in January 2021 through a 6-month program that is accredited with the International Coach Federation. I have a B.B.A. in Advertising and Promotion from Pace University, am 1st generation Armenian American, and live in New York City with my husband!

While I work primarily with women, I can work with anyone who would like to improve their confidence and overcome the beliefs that are holding them back. My six-step coaching process will guide you to free your mind to achieve the pursuits that are most important to you.

Check out the Services page for more information on my coaching process and key results. You can also learn more about booking a 45-minute consultation session with me as well. Remember, everything you think and do starts with how you feel about you. I hope to connect with you soon!