1:1 coaching, also known as individual coaching or personalized coaching, involves a coach working closely with a single client to help them achieve their personal or professional goals. This type of coaching provides tailored support to the individual, focusing on their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. The coach-client relationship is built on trust and collaboration, with the coach using various techniques and strategies to empower the client to make positive changes, overcome obstacles, and reach their full potential.

I currently offer the following 1:1 coaching services:

  • Well With Raele Single Sessions
    • Single 15-Minute Touch Base – $55
    • Single 30-Minute Express Session – $145
    • Single 1-Hour Session – $225
  • Well With Raele Monthly Packages
    • Monthly Package Tier 1: (4) 1-Hour Sessions – $725
    • Monthly Package Tier 2: (4) 30-Minute Express Sessions – $450
    • Monthly Package Tier 3: (2) 1-Hour Sessions – $450
  • Well With Raele Quarterly Packages (currently paused)
    • 3-Month Package Tier 1: (12) 1-Hour Sessions – $2175
    • 3-Month Package Tier 2: (12) 30-Minute Express Sessions (6 hours total) – $1350
    • 3-Month Package Tier 3: (6) 1-Hour Sessions – $1350

Visit my Coaching Storefront to learn more and take next steps.

What Do You Get as a 1:1 Well With Raele Client?

  • Dedicated coaching sessions, held virtually
  • Comprehensive recap notes with key takeaways post session
  • Access to recorded sessions for future reference
  • Relevant resources shared after sessions
  • Special discounts and incentives
  • Additional communication and guidance for monthly and quarterly clients

How Can You Get Started?

Visit my Coaching Storefront to view my full offering and choose the coaching option that works best for you. You can check out safely, incorporate a payment plan if needed, and after you sign up, you will receive specific directions to answer a few questions and book your first session! All sessions and communications are confidentially hosted on my Coaching Storefront.